Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

  • Published: 05 November 2019
  • Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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Comments • 6 568

  • emaan
    emaan  Saatler önce

    lemonade mouth is the best dcom, no exceptions.

    • Ishita Pandit
      Ishita Pandit  3 saatler önce

      I just came here cuz I saw Hayley Kiyoko...she looks damn attractive like, woman cut us some slack

      • that øne persøn
        that øne persøn  4 saatler önce

        I remember seeing this movie on netflix when i was like seven and not watching it cause it looked #tooedgy5me

        • DiamondA
          DiamondA  6 saatler önce

          This movie was so boring that this video is boring

          • Rose Puppy
            Rose Puppy  16 saatler önce

            Is it just me or does the principal look kinda like Trump

            • Rose Puppy
              Rose Puppy  16 saatler önce

              Why does the boyfriend remind me of Zane from H2O

              • Rose Puppy
                Rose Puppy  16 saatler önce

                “No smiling no happiness...”

                • Katzenbär Multis
                  Katzenbär Multis  17 saatler önce

                  I think you might have forgotten something very crucial: at the end we learn the whole story is being told on Olivia's perspective because she's writing her dad, who is in prison, a letter explaining everything that happened recently.

                  • the truth will set you free
                    the truth will set you free  18 saatler önce

                    This movie was trashhhh

                    • Kate Lind
                      Kate Lind  19 saatler önce


                      • trinity hall
                        trinity hall  19 saatler önce

                        Please tell me someone else saw the words "cut my cake into pieces, this is my last dessert" like 5 minutes in. Like I just want to know other people saw it, You dont have to know its changed from what the original song is ( last resort) but like please tell me someone else saw it😂😂😂😂💜

                        • Aurora CXG
                          Aurora CXG  20 saatler önce

                          Wow, so none of you noticed the bass player is actually the actress of Jasmine? I mean that's career development

                          • Liam Garrett
                            Liam Garrett  20 saatler önce

                            If u liked this movie GOOD LUCK CHARLIE

                            • Leigha Kempf
                              Leigha Kempf  20 saatler önce

                              the title disrespects my childhood.

                              • Sergio B
                                Sergio B  20 saatler önce

                                Thank you Alex, cause I woulda been soooo pissed off if you ruined this for me.

                                • It's Just An Animation Studios
                                  It's Just An Animation Studios  22 saatler önce

                                  i died when he said "thhporthh" XD

                                  • Keira Sims
                                    Keira Sims  22 saatler önce

                                    STOP RUINING MY FAV MOVIES 😭😭😭

                                    • Joana Calderon
                                      Joana Calderon  22 saatler önce

                                      Can you do Secret Obsession starring Brenda Song?

                                      • Noella Books
                                        Noella Books  23 saatler önce

                                        Could you do High School Musical; The Musical; The Series (yes that is the real title)? It’s a train wreck

                                        • Arianna Peralta
                                          Arianna Peralta  23 saatler önce

                                          Do let it shine!!!! It’s a CLASSIC

                                          • Jiayi Li
                                            Jiayi Li  Gün önce

                                            I've been in trouble reading a book...but the teacher likes me so I got off the hook :p But she _should_ be in trouble. I hate it when ppl dog-ear the book. just get a bookmark or just rip of the edge of a paper. Not a big issue. Just don't hurt the book. Ugh

                                            • Nucka Stone
                                              Nucka Stone  Gün önce

                                              Truth? Well I hated this movie, mainly because it was so difficult to follow (I started watching half way through) So I started asking questions, my little sister (who is adamantly for "gay rights" and a miss snob when it comes to her favorite movies started yelling at me asking why I wasnt for gay rights.....because we all have the same rights? And that I have two "lgbt" siblings and should support the "cause".......honestly she just started crying and blabbing on...worst movie 10/10

                                              • nathan n
                                                nathan n  Gün önce

                                                Talk about the nickelodeon show 'Rags'.

                                                • Michelle Marie
                                                  Michelle Marie  Gün önce

                                                  My favorite character was olivia

                                                  • Sydney Baldwin
                                                    Sydney Baldwin  Gün önce

                                                    lil bb Haley Kiyoko 😭💞

                                                    • valkyr11
                                                      valkyr11  Gün önce

                                                      Also, careful with that Mario music.. the TRclips police might disagree.

                                                      • valkyr11
                                                        valkyr11  Gün önce

                                                        Honestly, though, that teacher who was overseeing detention talking about making a music room had me tear up! That actor didn't have to go that hard... but she did.

                                                        • Dear Gaming
                                                          Dear Gaming  Gün önce

                                                          Alex Meyers is kinda dumb, literally everything is stupid to you

                                                          • MJ GOTCHU
                                                            MJ GOTCHU  Gün önce

                                                            Do Euphoria

                                                            • Cecy LópezV
                                                              Cecy LópezV  Gün önce

                                                              It will be 2025 and Alex will still be cringed about the "amazed balls" joke in descendents 2 😂😂😂😂

                                                              • Sparkful Sparrow
                                                                Sparkful Sparrow  Gün önce

                                                                Oh i remember this trash fire

                                                                • Fair_Bear
                                                                  Fair_Bear  Gün önce

                                                                  DO RADIO REBEL NEXT :)))

                                                                  • cas
                                                                    cas  Gün önce

                                                                    i loves this movie as a kid bRo

                                                                    • honeytea
                                                                      honeytea  Gün önce

                                                                      does anyone remember the movie ‘sky high’ or was that all a fever dream?

                                                                      • Ivory Nordeng
                                                                        Ivory Nordeng  Gün önce

                                                                        THE RED FLAG SENT ME

                                                                        • Life With Cedri
                                                                          Life With Cedri  Gün önce

                                                                          Please do Let it Shine, Starstruck, and Jump In.

                                                                          • OracleoftheBOP
                                                                            OracleoftheBOP  Gün önce

                                                                            I can still do the whole rap in Determinate. This movie is my childhood and in my opinion the best Disney Channel Original Movie out there.

                                                                            • Darian wuz here
                                                                              Darian wuz here  Gün önce


                                                                              • Stella Glick
                                                                                Stella Glick  Gün önce

                                                                                My name is Stella and every time I heard them say Stella I thought my mom called me

                                                                                • keona vertus
                                                                                  keona vertus  Gün önce

                                                                                  Lemonade Mouth is my absolute favorite movie and it definitely is one of the best

                                                                                  • Amber Benson
                                                                                    Amber Benson  Gün önce

                                                                                    so i've never watched this before and when you showed the characters i couldn't tell if stella and charlie were boys or girls

                                                                                    • Mari’s world
                                                                                      Mari’s world  Gün önce

                                                                                      NO this movie IS AWESOME

                                                                                      • Eprocto-Files
                                                                                        Eprocto-Files  2 gün önce

                                                                                        Cellphones are allowed at school now, I know they weren't in your time or my time, but they are now. Also texting is allowed, not in class obviously but there's stills ome amount of time between classes for kids to get from one to another and to visit their lockers, etc. I checked my old school these things are fine, HOWEVER, there was a line on the floor put there under a very mean principal who madae a rule where if your next class is right across from the one you' just left in the same hallway, you can't walk tacross but instead have to go all the way to t he end of the hallway and back downn it like street traffic.

                                                                                        • Hello Neighbor
                                                                                          Hello Neighbor  2 gün önce

                                                                                          LMAO whynis Charlie bald

                                                                                          • YiKeS lol
                                                                                            YiKeS lol  2 gün önce

                                                                                            Lemonade mouth is targeted to ten year olds and girls crushing on little hayley kiyoko

                                                                                            • P Ariza
                                                                                              P Ariza  2 gün önce

                                                                                              Just watch School of Rock, people. It's much better.

                                                                                              • Briy f
                                                                                                Briy f  2 gün önce


                                                                                                • It’s me Sami
                                                                                                  It’s me Sami  2 gün önce

                                                                                                  Do a video on degrassi next class

                                                                                                  • Emma Davidson
                                                                                                    Emma Davidson  2 gün önce

                                                                                                    How do I watch this movie now

                                                                                                    • The Cheese
                                                                                                      The Cheese  2 gün önce

                                                                                                      So basically a weird version of the movie with jack black?

                                                                                                      • Larry
                                                                                                        Larry  2 gün önce

                                                                                                        This is the best Disney Channel movie.

                                                                                                        • Black Xeroz
                                                                                                          Black Xeroz  2 gün önce

                                                                                                          We don't get detention we will just get a piece of paper then the staff expect us to be sad or scared by getting it.

                                                                                                          • Salty Kid
                                                                                                            Salty Kid  2 gün önce

                                                                                                            Don’t disrespect my childhood like that again

                                                                                                            • Popinjay
                                                                                                              Popinjay  2 gün önce

                                                                                                              Please do victorious (it’s on Netflix)

                                                                                                              • Abbey’s TeA time
                                                                                                                Abbey’s TeA time  2 gün önce

                                                                                                                *iM nOt tHe sAmE gIrL I wAs tWo mOntHs aGo*

                                                                                                                • GamingGirlKylie
                                                                                                                  GamingGirlKylie  2 gün önce

                                                                                                                  6:45-6:55 ... You're welcome.

                                                                                                                  • commanding chief of the Cheese ape armed forces

                                                                                                                    The person in the thumbnail kinda looks like gloom

                                                                                                                    • Mia Hardy
                                                                                                                      Mia Hardy  2 gün önce

                                                                                                                      Lemonade Mouth honestly was a bigger part of my childhood then High School Musical

                                                                                                                      • Ms. VSCO
                                                                                                                        Ms. VSCO  2 gün önce

                                                                                                                        Okay, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

                                                                                                                        • Stawberry Tea
                                                                                                                          Stawberry Tea  2 gün önce

                                                                                                                          I saw the title and had to do a double take and then i was physically offended to my core. My bones man, it hurts in my bones